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Latest Educational Technology from Bett Expo in London 2017 - "Apps"


Welcome to the 9th  Annual Click Ahead Summer Camp

 Follow Sign for "Kerry Technology Park" it will get you to North Campus, Tralee Institute of Technology

Venue:  Tralee Institute of Technology(North Campus) Tralee, Co. Kerry

Dates for 2017:   Monday 17th - 20th 2017   - Parents can ring me anytime on 0879829847

Students don't forget "Packed Lunch" -  College canteen also available 

Click Ahead Summer Camp 2017  -  Easter Camps - 1 Day Camps


One Day Camps

Junior Mon. to Fri. 10th-14th April 2017  10.00 - 3.00pm
Senior Mon. to Fri. 17th-21st April  2017

 10.00 - 3.00pm

 1 to 1 available (one day @ Tralee Institute of Technology), see  Booking Form section  for Dates.


Hello Parents and Students and welcome to Tralee, parents can park in the "Staff Car Park" and follow the sign's "Click Ahead".

Registration on Monday 17th July 2017   9.30 to 10.00am. North Campus, Tralee Institute of Technology.

Date: Monday 17th July - 20th July 2017
Time: 10.00am to 3.00  
Lunch: 1.00- 1.30pm  


Families stay in Houses see Links section while their child attend the camp.

Parents can ring me anytime @ 0879829847  - Mgt. Slattery, Co-ordinator.


ClickAhead Camp.com   Registration at 9.30am -10.00 on 17th July 2017 at the  North Campus, Tralee IT, Dromtacker, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Parents will get an opportunity to see and use the iPad and also the Livescribe Pen on Monday morning and also net work/coffee with other Parents.

Times  For Camp:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00am.   to   3.00pm 

We will be at Banna Strand  Surfing with Kingdom Waves Surf School to finish the camp  and visit Roger Casement's monement. 

Direction:  Tralee Institute of Technology, (North Campus), Dromtacker, Tralee.   Or sign for" Kerry Technology Park" (all on same Campus) (Google maps).

Enquiries to: Margaret Slattery, 0879829847

Click Ahead Camp gives your child the best chance of becoming an independent learner. A summer camp for students with Dyslexia/Dyspraxia/DCD & Sp. Learning Difficulties (Age 7-17years).     Parents:  On Monday morning you will see and use some of the Assistive Technologies e.g. Apps and  the iPad with Secondary School Curriclum on it.

margaretAs parents, we are fortunate that there are new and exciting Assistive Technologies emerging each year, as I discovered when I visited BETT London Expo in January. I will be introducing some of the newest education technologies at this years' camp, as well as supporting students with learning difficulties, through the education systems.

By attending this camp your child will have :  An iPad and   a  computer and headset with a microphone

  • Be introduced to "Smart" Technology e.g. Apps, Livescribe pen, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, etc
  • Understand how to maximise his or her own learning potential
  • Learn how to make your own " Animation"
  • Discover Assistive Technologies that can revolutionise their classroom experiences
  • Visit Mounthawk Seconary Schooh - Transition from National School to Secondary
  • e.g. Timetable,Time management, New subjects, etc. 
  • Using the iPad as a learning tool, help support your difficulty with reading, writing, spelling
  • and new educational app.   Play on the Astroturf pitch  and go surfing in Banna Strand with Kingdom Waves.

    Use software programmes specific to your needs and enhance your learning

    • Learn on you own computer with new Software  Programmes/ Assistive Technology
    • Be introduced to other student on similar journeys
    • Learn  about the supports and assistance available to student as they progress  through school and on to college
    • Discover how learning can be fun and also learn to surf in Kerry while making new friend.

    How can I get into "College" if I have poor  handwriting or spelling. The "Dare" programme is for you.